Sophia in the city

Hey everybody, Sophia here--as many of you know, I'm back in BK for the summer, after another successful writing season up in Cape Cod. I'm loving the New York vibes more than ever. The street culture, the beautiful people, the languages, the food, the fierce personalities... and of course, the vitality and good neighborliness of the city and its diverse inhabitants. NYers are uniquely good at standing up for our fellow humans. We take no shit, people.


Behind every good surf coach...


As you may be aware, from time to time I exert the occasional behind-the-scenes influence here at Conatus, helping Dion with scheduling (the ocean is on her own time), budgets (eeew), food snacks (yum), and other Virgo projects. One of the things I'm excited about this summer is taking on some more leadership with this good old blog. So watch out for more regular posts--with new lifestyle features, recipes, tips n tricks, as well as the usual student updates and success photos, and Dion's picks for surf gear, books, movies, and events.


Stay cool, stay fierce, stay positive, stay out on the streets and in the water. More soon!

love, sophia