Welcome to CSC’s first newsletter! First of all thanks for signing up. We tried these out in an informal email format a few times throughout the year and we felt like it would be a good idea to streamline the process so that more people can get involved and share the joy that we are promoting. After all, that is what we are all about. Our business is rooted in the faith that the more well trained all surfers are, the more we are able to share waves and maximize one another’s joy both in the lineup and in life.


Dion coaching Devin at Long Beach.

Dion coaching Devin at Long Beach.

We are thrilled and honored to be written up in The Culture Trip as one of NYC's Top 5 Surf Schools! Huge thanks to Manny Angelakis and Julien Roubinet for supplying us with some killer photography for the website, and especially for the shots that went up on The Culture Trip. 

The Women's Surf Film Festival in Rockaway Beach was one of the most inspiring surf culture events we've been to all year. It was even more awesome that our old friend Beth O'Rourke's documentary Worm Dreams Big (about longboarder Erin Ashley) was featured. If you didn't make it to the festival, be sure to look for these awesome women filmmakers and surfers online--they are crushing the game out there and changing surf culture for the better.

We're getting a huge kick out of Mason Ho's series License to Chill. It features Mason doing wacky stuff close to cliffs and rocks (do not try at home) and Tom Curren riding a boogie board at an outside bombora break. Check out my personal fave, Burger Goes to Bali. Also enjoying Jack Coleman's The Zone, which has some futuristic and traditional ripping on a variety of radical surf crafts. In all of these films, note the surfing "crouch." The baseline of performance surfing is the ability to alternate between high and low stances. 

Andrew teaching the small fry.

Andrew teaching the small fry.

Video review is at the heart of our advanced beginner and intermediate coaching, and we're watching our students soar thanks to the ability to evaluate their own performance. We've compiled a lot of footage this summer. Check out our Vimeo channel and instructor videos. We also love to post student triumphs and one-minute compilations of epic beach days on our Instagram account @conatussurfclub. 

CSCRDA 2016/17 Winter Costa Rica Retreat dates are set! See our feature in this newsletter for more details.


*Ultra thanks to Christina Nizar, strategist extraordinaire and brand management guru.

*Huge gratitude to Beni Chuun, Bryan Doring, and Mariza Daras for helping get video footage of other club members' sessions. Awesome, generous way to help everybody learn and grow!

*For all-around dedication and incredible growth, we're awed by Mariza Daras. In just ten months she's gone from complete novice to holding her own out there. Here's a pic of Mariza dropping in with style.

Mariza crushing it in New Jersey.

Mariza crushing it in New Jersey.

*Shout out to Rebecca Wirakesuma, who after surfing with us for a year and a half, has set out for glorious adventure to Costa Rica and Bali. Beccy's well on her way to mastering the 'cutdown' and bottom turn. Her steady trim, backside and frontside, is testimony to her perseverance.

*Big ups to Paul Saliba, who, after spending a month with Andrew in CR, still gets out there in NYC day after day.

More waves more joy!

Beccy cruising on glassy Long Beach wall. 

Beccy cruising on glassy Long Beach wall. 


Taking care of our sensitive skin and ears.

Taking care of our sensitive skin and ears.

This summer we've transitioned away from chemical-based sunscreens to the all-natural Surf Mud Pro by EIR NYC. Unlike the synthetic stuff, EIR products taste and smell amazing when you hit the water. And they work. Paint your face with the stick and rub it around--take care of your face!

We're also beyond stoked about becoming brand ambassadors for SURF EARS. Like many 1980s babies I've suffered from chronic ear infections and inflammation my whole watery life. Stoked to say that this is the first summer I've been earache-free thanks to these awesome ear plugs. Surf Ears' motto is "Let sound in, keep water out." Each pair comes with customizable buds and stalks so you don't need to stress about finding the right size. These are a great investment for anyone who's out a lot in our not-so-clean NYC waters.


This is my first full summer in Long Beach/Rockaway, and I'm blown away by the fishing. You may be surprised to know that saltwater fishing licenses are free in New York State; you just have to register here.

One of the best things I've discovered is a tasty little fish called Northern Kingfish, Menticirrhus saxatilis, also called King Whiting. If you've noticed the fish jumping next to you in the lineup these are them. Northern Kingfish is sustainable to eat year round and easily caught with clams and small hook on a surf casting rod. It's important to fish for them on clean water days. If there's a plethora of kelp and/or mussels don't even bother — you'll spend the whole time taking debris off your rig. We've cooked the whiting whole with herbs and lemon or filleted it for tacos. It's a dense white meat and it doesn't overcook as fast as more translucently fleshed fish. 


Our winter CSCRDA retreat dates are set!

Mariza, Helena, Juan Carlos, Christina, and Andrew checking the surf at Achote.

Mariza, Helena, Juan Carlos, Christina, and Andrew checking the surf at Achote.

We did three retreats last year: in January, March, and May. Each one was an all-bases-loaded, ball-out-of-the-park success. Every retreat is complete surf immersion. There's nothing like diving all the way in for the rapid acquisition of a new language. For seven days, we tackle beach breaks, reefs, and point breaks, logging video of every session.

At night we recap with an epic dinner at Ranchodiandrew with video review and feedback, as well as instruction on weather patterns and swell generation. It's an awesome occasion to bond over our daily successes and hilarious failures. We're likely to fill up quickly, so we recommend you get your deposit in ASAP to reserve your spot. Each retreat is capped at six people so we can provide the utmost attention out in the lineup. 


Thanks again for signing up for the newsletter! We only have one or two more spots left for the last two weeks of August, with most availability on weekdays. We will open up more for the surf-rich months of September, October, and November. We plan to be in Montauk the week after Labor Day and will send a message out when details are confirmed!

If you haven't booked a session with us yet, no worries. Simply stay tuned through the newsletter, blog, instagram, and Facebook, and if you see us at the beach or around town say hi!

More waves more joy,

Dion and Andrew Mattison