Store is down but we are still taking on new people

Ocean Lovers! 

Apologies that the online store is down, but we had a number of people purchasing packages without prior communication. We still have openings for sessions and packages, we just appreciate that you fill out an online form first. Payments go to @conatussurfclub in Venmo. If you would like to use a credit card, we can open up the store per purchase so that you can buy there, but we will add charge for the processing fee. Summer is around the corner and we're looking forward to new faces and big strides in the faces that are already so familiar to us. 

Also be on the look out for retreat announcements and dates. We'll be announcing those very soon, and will be taking deposits. In 2018/19 and ongoing we're going to start booking trips a little closer to a group-wide ability level. There will be a few retreats just focused on the intermediate and advanced intermediate surfer. The goal in these will be to learn and perfect some of the harder things in surfing -- turns, tubes, big drops, floaters, overall style, etc. All surfers of any advanced level can benefit from these, much in the way we instructors are always benefitting from the expertise of the other during video review and in the water. 

Can't wait! See you in the water! 



The blog has been resurrected. Here's a video from our fifth retreat at Rancho Diandrew in Costa Rica starring me, Dion, my brother, Andrew, our right hand man, Eric, and CSC students, Scott Ferguson, Anya Ferring, Mariza Daras, and Evonne Huang. Filming done by me, Andrew, Eric, and Tessa. Music is from some obscure 80s compilation record I discovered. Costa Rica continues to blow my mind. There are always waves there. There seems to be a spot for every swell size and direction. The variety of surf mixed with our pack-it-up-and-find-another-spot-if-it-isn't-doing-its-thing ethos has an ROI that is through the roof. That and everyone gets better at surfing, has breakfast made for them beachside, cools off in outdoor cold water pools, and does business emails staring out across the jungle. It's a pretty sweet trip. We are headed back March 15-25. There are two spots left. Swell is usually a bit bigger than in January. We have a game plan for all different sizes of swell, one of which includes a trip to Pavones if it's absolutely macking (additional cost, but worth it). Discovered a protected left sand point last year that we'd like to investigate further. The search is still real. Hit us up if you would like to get involved. Andrew is available for private stuff (1-4 ppl) throughout the year.