The robot that saved my relationship

Hey ocean lovers,

Some real talk. I love Dion, and I love the ocean, but I do NOT love the sandpiles these two create when they get together. Sand gets EVERYWHERE--the sheets, the socks, the sink... Seriously, despite Juan's good-hearted sweeping, and Dion's foot rinsing, there have been a few moments where I didn't know if my relationship could survive the small quartz particles in the bed.

Enter the Eufy Robovac. I know, I know... I too thought that robot vacuum cleaners were prohibitively expensive, but this little guy came in at under $200 on Amazon. You program him/her to run at the same time every day, and voilà... clean floors and no more sand fights! We've named ours "RV" (for Robo-Vac). As Dion says, "it's like a pet, but it cleans up the dirt instead of making it."

In case you're wondering if it works, photo evidence is attached below... and this is after just one day. New York is gross, people, but RV sucks it up.

This is what ends up on the floor in just one day of NYC apartment life.

This is what ends up on the floor in just one day of NYC apartment life.

RV is rechargeable, uses a sensor to get around your whole apartment, and has a couple different programs you can run. I've got him set to do a full-house sweep every day at 11am. Head out for work in the morning, come home at night to clean floors. There's no bag to replace, just a cute little removable dustbin that you empty right into the trash.

If you or someone you love loves the ocean, and can't help bring her home on your feet and in your pant legs, I can't recommend this little guy enough. Go forth and be tidy!

love, sophia