A February to Remember

Greetings greetings sea faring hearties! 

It has been a hustle bustle beginning to 2016 for us here at CSC. With the next surf retreat just around the corner — T minus one week!!!!!! — I thought I would pop in with a brief blog post featuring a funky little video I put together with scrap footage from 2015 and some highlight shots from the better days that I managed to surf in February. The video features me and my good friends Juan, Bryan, Andrew, and Heath surfing in NJ and CA and also has two little clips of CSC clients Mariza and Reed showing great form. This is all shot with my Panasonic waterproof cam that I plan to leave down in CR with my brother so that he can develop the coaching end of CSC Costa Rica. I'm moving towards using my new GoPro camera for water shots and my Sony a6000 for land shots and video. The quality is much better, but I must admit I do enjoy the home movie vibe of the Panasonic's inability to focus at times. It has been a great camera so far and its life and use is far from over. 

The photos below are from 3 separate days of excellent surf in New York. This past January and February, while having plenty of quality days of surf was super difficult to line up with. There are only two days a week that my schedule does not or only barely allows surfing (Mondays and Wednesdays) and for whatever cursed reason, those are the days when the surf has been firing. Fortunately one or two Thursdays opened up for me and I managed to get some shots and some waves of my own. The pictures of me are taken by my good mate JP Phillips who had just returned from work trip to Aruba and was not keen to pull on the 5mil. It is a rule of surf brotherhood that if you do not want to surf or you go in early and the waves are still good and there is a camera around then it is your SACRED DUTY to take photos and video of your friends. For this reason the CSC + RDA retreats in Costa Rica are also featuring basic lessons of surf photography so that you and your friends are able to capture one another's sessions. My best friend (and the man behind the CSC logo) Andrew Dolan (also ripping the above vid) and I have been filming one another surf since we were 12 years old. It's just what you do if you want to be a better surfer, and also you do it because the wave only lasts 4-20 seconds and that's too fast for a such a blissful feeling. It must be relived!!!! 

Dreamy, right?!!! The water is not very pretty but darn if some of the waves that came through weren't downright perfection! I got to see a bunch of people in the water that I had not seen in a while. There are shots in the gallery of my friends Franco Rinaldi, Tyler Breuer, and Tyler Healy. I'm the person on the board with the turquoise rails. That board is my 5'6" Joe Falcone keel fish. The thing is an absolute dream. All of Joe's training with Andrew Kidman on fish style boards has certainly paid off. It catches waves very well because all of the forward foam. As you can see in the photos, one day in Rockaway was well over head and the board caught waves and handled them brilliantly. This is also because Joe and I decided to pull the tail in a bit more for control. It was a wise decision.