Summer 2017 Coming In Hot Around the Corner

Greetings Sea Lovers,

We have a lot of great things in store for Summer 2017. First of all, we are expanding our reach to the West Coast, and are now offering lessons with Mike Siordia in LA and with Shea Hodges in SF. We will have videos and bios up for them soon and look for some tweaks to the site to reflect this expansion. If you're interested in CA lessons, simply use the same request feature on the website and your inquiry will get to either Shea or Mike in due order. Lesson packages and pricing will be the same in all locations. 

On that note, there are some tweaks to this summer's lessons and packages: Lessons have been reduced from 2 hours to 1.5 to accommodate the influx of people who are interested in our method. This equals about 30 minutes on land and 1 hour in the water. We actually believe that the shortened time will increase focus and urgency in the water, which is something we have been trying to impart in all of our mentees. We have also altered the prices for weekdays versus weekends. The weekend demand is exceptionally high, so we want to incentivize those that are able to make time during the week. Changes have not been made in the store yet, but we'll get to that soon. Also, no 10 lesson packages will be sold without purchasing a smaller product. We prefer you start with a single lesson or consultation and then move up the ladder to 3, 5, and then 10 lesson packages. New package prices go into effect June 1, 2017. 

Those following the blog have been tuned into our Mini Retreats. These are in the plan for good! We're planning some stuff for June, July, and September. Stay tuned via the blog, newsletter, and Instagram to find out when and where they're running. 

Thanks as always for your support and stoke. 

More Waves More Joy,